Tuesday 19th May 2020

Due to the new easing of restrictions by the state Government, we are excited to offer our outdoor Boot Camp sessions!

Join our $39, 4-week outdoor training program starting next Tuesday 26th May. Each session will adhere to strict health and safety measures in line with State Government guidelines.

MONDAY 18th May 2020

We are excited to finally announce the re-opening of the Health Club at Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre! 

Following recent announcements made by the state government, the health club will now re-open Monday 25th May but with strict health and hygiene measures in place.

  • Group fitness and small group training sessions only. 
  • The gym will not be available for individual training but you can access our small group training sessions conducted on the gym floor. 
  • Attendance must be booked online via the BlueFit Training App
  • You must train with a towel and wipe down equipment after use. 
  • Group fitness classes will be reduced to ensure a 4m² distance is practiced. 
  • Changing room facilities, water fountains and lockers will be closed. 
  • Aquatic facilities remain closed.
  • Strict social distancing & hygiene measures must be adhered to.
  • All bookings must be made through the BlueFit Training app which you can download by clicking the link below. Classes will be available to book 24 hours before the scheduled time. We will continue to review the timetable each week and adjust it based on demand. 

The facility will be available for Health Club members only for the time being. When you book into a session we will reactivate your membership, incorporating the days you had already paid for from the last debit. If you do not wish to return right now, we will continue to keep your membership on hold. 

We understand many will be disappointed that we have not opened the aquatic facilities. At the present time, based on the current restrictions in place, the utility and environmental costs involved in heating such large bodies of water can not be justified. We will provide updates as restrictions continue to ease and look to open the aquatic area during the next round stage of changes to restrictions. 

We believe leisure facilities play an important role in the health and wellbeing of the community, so we encourage you to start the cautious process of returning back to what you love! 


To view our group fitness and small group training schedule, click here .
We will continue to monitor class attendance and popularity and update the timetable as required. 

No you are not being charged while these restrictions are in place. We have put your membership on hold. If you choose to access the health club in the coming weeks, we will reactivate your membership upon your first session.

Please cancel your attendance to a session if you can not attend. If you miss 3 classes you have booked in for the system will lock you from booking again for another 30 days. 

If you are not a member you have two options. Firstly you can sign up for our Boot Camp sessions starting 26th May. Bookings will open Tuesday 19th May. Alternatively, you can join online (Boot Camp launching Tuesday 19th)

We will continue to add to our scheduling as the weeks progress. In the interim you wll have access to the BFit@home on demand sessions for free, if you do not wish to attend the facility just yet.

Yes, full membership rates apply however if you aren’t ready to come back in a full-time capacity right now, you can use the Bfit@Home platform until restrictions ease. 

If you are wanting to workout in the gym you will need to register for small group training. There will be access to the cardio equipment and access to some light weights but pin-loaded machines will likely not be available for use. 

The utility and environmental costs associated with heating such a large body of water can not be justified for such a limited number of users. As restrictions ease we will look to reopen in the next stage of changes. 

We are waiting for further information from the government regarding Step 3 restrictions and will update you once we have clarity on what these changes area. 

Absolutely you can call the facility to book your class however please note the facility will only be staffed when classes are being held on-site. 

On Wednesday we will release the classes through the app. You will have access to book 24 hours before the class is scheduled to start. 

The facility will only open when classes are scheduled for the time being.

If you have any issues logging into your account please contact


Services will commence for those families who require before and after school care from Wednesday 20th May. Anyone that uses the BlueFit Kids service from May 20th through to the end of term 2 will not be charged any fees.
SUNDAY 22nd march 2020

As of 12pm Monday 23rd March, Belmont Oasis will close until further notice. All class payments and memberships will be put on hold and visit passes will be extended by 12 months. We’d like to thank the amazing team that bring you the services you love, this will be a difficult time for them and their families. We look forward to seeing you all again when we reopen


BlueFit Kids OHSC services will remain open until the end of the school term.


FRIDAY 20th march 2020
Dear members & patrons, 
As the COVID-19 situation progresses, our priority remains the safety of our staff and patrons. Please read below in relation to a range of impacts on our facility.
Closure of aquatics area
The aquatic area will close until further notice from the close of business today, Friday 20th March.
Closure of learn to swim
It is with regret we must cease the operation of our learn to swim program until further notice. If your child is currently enrolled in the learn to swim program, you will not be charged for lessons during the closure. Your spot in the program will remain secure for the reopening of the aquatics area and we will communicate along the way. Credits will be applied for this week’s lessons paid for in advance.
Changes to group fitness timetables
Our new quarterly timetable was due to begin 30th March. The current timetable remains in place with reduced class capacities. Some classes will have to be structured slightly differently to allow social distancing.
Spin classes and aqua classes end immediately.
Changes will take place in the 30th March timetable including
  • Cancellation of boxing
  • Reduction in class capacities to better allow 1.5m between participants
  • Removal of partner work that requires touching or being closer than 1.5m
  • During classes patrons should use a towel when using any mat
  • Mats should be sprayed and wiped down after use.  
Health Club Access
The health clubs will remain open with each space limited to 100 participants at a time
Enforcement of the ‘No Towel No Train’ policy continues. We have also increased the signage in the health clubs to reiterate this. BlueFit towels are available for purchase at reception.
Where cardio equipment is closer than 1.5m we are turning off every second machine to allow for space between members. 
Service Reduction
In order to keep the facility operating, we have made a decision to close some of the non-essential services within the facility. This includes:
  • Creche
  • Cafe
These closures will take effect close of business today, Friday 20th March. 
OSCH service to remain
The OSCH services will remain and can be accessed via a separate entrance. The government has placed restrictions on incursions and excursions.
 Stadium to remain open
The stadium will remain open as usual however team sports competitions will cease
Complimentary membership suspension
It is a tough time for everyone and many of you are unable to continue paying membership fees. We have implemented complimentary membership suspension until further notice. To suspend your membership please contact our membership team.
Extension of your visit passes
We have extended everyone’s visit pass expiry by 12 months to use your remaining visits. You do not need to do anything for this to take effect.  
How you can help:
  • Adhere to health and hygiene guidelines
  • Do not attend the facility if you have flu like symptoms
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated. We do not require patrons to police rules on our behalf. If you see anything that is against the government advice, please contact a team member to assist. 
  • Be respectful to our team. These are extremely difficult times and they have much uncertainty of their employment.
Our priority remains the health and safety of our staff and patrons. We are putting in every measure possible to ensure our spaces remain safe for all. We can keep our staff working for as long as it is safe to do so. 
We understand it’s a very difficult time for everyone in our community and we want you to know that we are here for you. We believe that leisure facilities play an important role keeping the community healthy, physically and mentally. The Belmont team have been absolute superstars dealing with this unprecedented event and are trying their best to meet your needs.


Spa and Sauna Closures

Our spa and sauna will be closed from close of business tonight 20/03/2020.

We are unable to enforce social distancing in these areas and apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Our swimming pools are still safe, functional and available for use.

WEDNESDAY 18th march 2020

Extension of Visit Pass Expiry:

Dear Patrons,

During these unprecedented times involving coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand that many of you may be choosing to self-isolate and therefore unable to attend the facility.

To help make this time easier for you and ensure your visits don’t go to waste, we have made the decision to extend the visit pass expiry on current passes by one year.

All extensions will automatically be applied to your account.

We look forward to seeing you at the facility soon!

Stay Safe.

TUESDAY 17th march 2020
We believe that swimming is an essential skill for all Australian’s and the government’s decision to keep our schools open is evidence that it is safe to continue with our daily routines, provided we exercise appropriate precautions. This includes:
  • Shower before using the pools
  • Practice cough etiquette (keep away from other people, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and clean your hands.)
  • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Not attending the facility if you have flu-like symptoms
  • Our facilities will remain open for the foreseeable future and we want to ensure our lessons remain a fun and safe environment for our staff and students.
We understand some families will want to avoid attending temporarily, so we have decided to update our make up policy. We have updated our makeup lesson policy to allow for more makeups in a period and longer notice period on an absence. Further detail can be found below, including login details for the parent portal.
Current Policy
All absences need to be marked 14 days before but no less than 2 hours prior to the lesson. Once you mark yourself absent this can not be changed.To access a make up lesson you must first mark yourself absent.
You are entitled to one make up lesson per calendar month, per booking.
Make up lessons must be booked within 30 days of the marked absence. You will be able to book up a make up 7 days ahead of the class time.
When moving or changing your booking all make ups are reset and any future make ups no longer applicable.

If a make up lesson is missed or not booked in, this lesson will be forfeited. Make up lessons are subject to program availability. We do not guarantee you will be able to book a make up at a time you desire or that a place will be available. Make up lessons are non-refundable and not transferable.
Temporary Policy
Absences can now be marked 8 weeks in advance but no less than 2 hours prior to the lesson. One you mark yourself absent this can not be changed. To access a make up lesson you must first mark yourself absent.
You are entitled to 12 make up lessons per calendar year. This will allow for multiple make ups to take place in the same month.
You will now have 3 months to book your make ups. You will be able to book a make up 2 weeks in advance.

You have the ability to access make ups owing on previous bookings provided they meet the above criteria and your customer account is not in arrears.
This policy remains unchanged.

It is important to note that these changes are temporary as the situation seems to be changing daily. 

BlueFit Swimming has safety as it’s first priority and the employment of our thousands of staff close behind. We ask that families chose to process these additional make-up lessons rather than cancel their lessons. Swimming remains an essential skill and the risks remain low.

Parent Portal Login Details

Username: *|EMAIL|*
Temporary Password: 1234

(If you have logged in to the portal previously the password will be whatever you changed it to)

If you have any issues logging in to the portal please go to “forgot password” and try to reset it. If this does not work please email

FRIDAY 13th march 2020

Dear members & patrons, 

We understand that with so much information relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19)  going around in the media, you may have concerns about how the situation is being managed at Belmont Oasis, as a large public facility.

Please understand that the safety, health and well-being of our customers and staff is always our top priority. Our centre continues to be a public facility and workplace that remains safe to attend. 
At this point we will be remaining open during our regular hours and classes will not be impacted. 
We want you to feel confident when you’re using our facilities. We have and will continue to put in place a number of proactive measures to protect customers and staff well-being:

  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the facility.
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitisation practices throughout the centre
  • Multilingual signage relating to personal hygiene in key areas.

If you are returning from any of the affected countries, you should follow the advice of the Australian Government’s Department of Health as set out on their website.
Regular updates will be placed on this website. 

Latest Update: No staff or customers have been identified as having the virus. The facility remains safe to attend. 


Chlorinated water has a long documented history of preventing the spread of viruses, however it is important to maintain good personal hygiene at all times. This includes:

  • Showering before using the facilities
  • Washing hands after using changing facilities.
Health Club:

We believe that regular exercise is important to maintain a healthy life and support proper immune function. It is therefore important to provide you with a safe and clean training environment. 
In addition adopting a thorough cleaning and sanitising regime within the facility, we also encourage you to:

  • Thoroughly wipe down all gym equipment after use.
  • Always use a towel while training.
  • Practice good hygiene and wash hands frequently.
  • Make use of the available wipes and hand sanitiser.
Outside The Pool:

It’s important that we all practice safe hygiene practices during this time. This includes:

  • Cleaning your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Covering your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or a flexed elbow
  • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Practice cough etiquette (keep away from other people, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and clean your hands.)
Respect Those Around You:

We believe our staff and the communities we service are our family and we hope that everyone continues to behave and treat each other with the respect and dignity they deserve. 

What Next?

We are monitoring the situation closely, and should it be necessary to provide members with further communication, we will contact you via email, and if necessary via SMS. We also encourage casual users to visit our website regularly.

A detailed FAQ is available below. If you have any further questions please contact us via email at


We have and will continue to put in place a number of proactive measures to protect customers and staff well-being:

  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the facility.
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitisation practices throughout the centre.
  • Multilingual signage relating to personal hygiene in key areas.

Staff have also been briefed on updated hygiene practices to minimise the risk to themselves and customers.

In the event of a confirmed case within the facility we will be guided by the Department of Health on our next steps. Please click here for regular updates.

If you come in contact with someone who has recently returned from one of the countries identified and you suspect they may have coronavirus we ask that you do not attend the facility for 14 days.

Yes. Chlorinated water has a long documented history of preventing the spread of viruses, however it is important to maintain good personal hygiene at all times. This includes:

  • Showering before using the facilities.
  • Washing hands after using changing facilities.



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