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Tracey’s Story

Tracey’s Story (2)

Tracey Gillies is one of our well known members at Belmont Oasis. Her fitness journey is one bound to leave you feeling inspired.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Tracey to hear more about her story…

What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

I got diagnosed with degenerative bone disease. Which is a severe arthritis in my knees and my hips. They wouldn’t operate because of two factors – I am too young and the other factor was because of my weight. Plus I wanted to, I couldn’t move, everytime I walked it took me forever to get anywhere…my bones literally aching all the time. All night. And I’m just so over taking these panadols and inflamed tablets. And also, I’m hitting the hormone side of my age as well, which tends to make me blew out more, more over the last two years.

How long have you been on this journey?

Since April/May last year.

Do you know what? I see a lot of people that are bigger than me & I just want to say c’mon give it a go! Once you learn, once you’ve lost that first little bit, that just inspires you to do more.

What are your goals?

When I get down to where I want to in my weight, I am going to start doing boxing training. I want to feel comfortable in that I can move to do that. That’s my goal towards the end of the year.

I still feel uncomfortable in my weight, once it’s down a bit more I am going to make an effort to do the boxing. Even if I go in and have a look and see what it’s like and, you know. Cause I do other programs and not just the gym. My other goal is to get my weight down to at least 90kgs, which I think is really good. I was 126kg, I am now 112!

How does one start on a fitness journey like this?

I started off doing silver sneakers. That was my start off thing because I couldn’t move very well so starting the silver sneakers just encouraged me to go into the aerobics in the pool. Then with the silver sneakers they do a little bit of gym work, and I was thinking I can do this! It was all from one class that went to another class, that went to another class. 

I am proud of everybody that’s helped me achieve, which is the staff.

What has been a challenge that you have faced?

Movement. Because of the bone disease I had very little movement, everything ached, every time I took a step. I was on a mobility scooter, I don’t need it anymore. I actually sold it. When you have arthritis and degenerative bone disease, sore muscles. The best thing is exercise.  Doing it in the pool, you actually find that you are lighter. 

What advice would you give to others?

Oasis Belmont is a great place! Get in there & do it. Be strong! Once you start and you’ve got that rhythm. I look forward to it everyday. All of our staff are incredibly proud of Tracey and her amazing fitness journey!  Our Health Club Manager, Deanna, had the following to say about Tracey:

“Tracey is a regular attendee of most of our Aqua classes and has completed 3 FIT journey appointments. As well as attending regular check ups and reviews to help ensure that she is on track to reach her personal goals.

As her primary trainer I have noticed huge changes, physically and mentally, getting stronger with every session. 

Tracey is always happy to chat and having experienced difficulties in the past, finds the BlueFit Community at Belmont Oasis an extremely important and supportive tool for her success.” We look forward to seeing what Tracey achieves within the next 12 months!