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Do My Kids Need To Wear a Wristband?

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At our centre, we have rules in place to ensure all of our patron’s safety, especially young children around water. We wanted to give a friendly reminder about our wristband policy and how they help with water safety and supervision at our pools.

Any child that is 5 years old and under they must wear a yellow band, this means that they need to have a guardian (16 years old and older) within arms reach and in the water with them. Even if you believe your child is a competent swimmer these rules are applied to all members for safety. It’s important to note our lifeguards can’t watch every single child at the same time, that’s why we have our wristband policy in place to ensure younger children have double the supervision with their guardians.

Children aged 6 years – 13 years old must be actively supervised, the guardians don’t have to be necessarily in the water with them but they must be watching them actively swim the whole time, and that’s not possible while scrolling on a smart device.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to have a fun and safe experience at our facility!