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Bosu Ball Workout

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Ever seen this piece of equipment at the gym and wondered how to incorporate it into your workout? It’s called a Bosu ball and they are a great idea to change up your exercises!

1. Toe taps

Lift your knees high while alternating touching the Bosu ball with the tip of your foot. Use your arms to help push your legs up and engage your core the whole time.

Keep alternating legs.

2. Side Steps

Start in a side lunge position, and whilst balancing one foot on the Bosu ball and one foot on the floor, push off the ground to move the foot on the ground onto the ball whilst the foot on the ball moves onto the other side of the ball onto the floor. Keep alternating legs.

3. Squat jumps

Start in a squat shape at the back of the bosu ball facing the ball. Push both feet off the floor at the same time and land feet together on the ball.

Immediately jump off the ball to land and lower back into squat shape and repeat. 

4. Burpees

Holding the Bosu ball upside down in the straight arm plank position, move your legs to a tucked position, do a standing squat whilst holding the ball. Stand-up and lift the ball above your head. Move the Bosu ball back down to the straight arm plank position, and add a push-up if you’re feeling a challenge! Then repeat.